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Issue 1

Table of Contents

Issue 1

Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest Winners:


Paula Lambert

Poets and Criminals
Alan Peterson

Runner-Up Contestants,

Leaf Falling
John Fitzpatrick

Fish Crow
Allison Joseph

Evelyn Ibarra


Goddamnit, that Hurts
Brady Rhoades

Diane Payne

Shari Mastalski

The Shivering of Leaves
Don Waters

A Moving Lunch
Martin Lindauer

A Moment of Rest
Rich Ives 

So Now You're Dead
Kathie Giorgio

Where Have You Been, Katerina Zoshchenko
Joe Benevento 

The Arrival
Arlene Sanders


Abnormal Deaths
Carlos Ponce-Melendez

The Beginning
Carol Nolde

Remembering the Farmers Forced Into Factories
Barry Ballard 

A Marble Shoots Through the Center of Memory 
Eliza Bishop

Morning Greeting in New Orleans
Sharon Doyle

Okay You Sumbitch,
James Doyle

The Circumference of Oranges 
Carol V. Davis

Canoehead: Fallow (Following Flood) 
Lori Anderson Moseman

After Snorkeling at Molokini Crater 
Gail Rudd Entrekin

Richard Luftig

Huang Xiang

The First Snow 
Corrine DeWinter 

Joyce Thomas

Back to that Silent Evening
Anne Harding Woodworth

Another One Dead
Lyn Lifshin 

What a Loving Man Thought of Matters
Daniel M. Gallik

Abnormal Deaths
Huang Xiang

Creative Nonfiction

Three-Cheek Kiss
Gail Folkins

Cycles of Song
Jennifer Knox

Faith and Testimony
John Repp

When I Was Twenty-One
Dan Skiar

The Maltese Beercan
John M. Edwards

Moving Forward
Robert L. Foreman

China's Prophet of Freedom: The Poet Huang Xiang
Roger Garside

The Name on the Door
James Crowley

Creative Nonfiction Contest Winners


First Place // Gravity, the Pull
Cara Ford

Second Place // How I Ruined My Reputation on the Res
Dorothy Blackcrow Mack

Third Place // The Mad Whittler
Judith Scheffler


The World Divided—Nigger
Yuliana M. Kim-Grant