Issue 12

Issue 12

Table of Contents

Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest Winners:


Marginalia Inter Alia
Tim Wood


Jim Garber


Naked Barbie
Christopher C. Slomiak

Strange Belief
Abbie Lahmers

First, There Is a Mountain
Myke Johns

The Speller
Anne Hosansky

Coming Home
Daneen Church

Fondly Do We Hope
Sarah Hendess

The American Homeland Preservation Society
Aaron Garretson


Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned
Michelle Kubilis

Museum of His Bumper Stickers
Rikki Santer

Under the Bed
Barbara Brooks

Ken Williams

Newspapers and Knives
Aimee R. Cervenka

For Sale: Wedding Nightgown Never Worn
Lucinda Watson

While Paint Dries
Cathy Allman

Michael Estabrook

Donna Pucciani

After a Science Lesson, Teacher Contemplates Change
Lisa Meckel

The Woman from Estonia
Kirby Wright

Primary Process
Carl Auerbach

Frank Modica

List These
Linda Neal

Our Island in Alaska
Kayla Cash

Kafka Revisited
Christopher Kuhl

Refugee Camp
Carl Auerbach

Passing Through
Carl Auerbach

What I Should Not Say to the Girl Who was Scalded in her Tub on the Holiday that Comemorates MLK’s Birthday
Marc Tretin

Dune Boy
Jesse Minkert

Ochre and Charcoal
Jesse Minkert

A Murder of Crows
Mary Catherine Harper

Dead Bird
Bradley Samore

Situation Room
Doug Bolling

Elizabeth Underwood

Mountain Time
Alita Pirkopf

We Drive Toward the Fire
Francesca Brenner

High Tolerance
Demi Richardson

The Reproduction Blues
Laurie King-Billman

Alzheimer’s Disciples
Irena Praitis

Funeral Procession Etiquette
John Roth

Lament of the Right Hip
Naomi Ruth Lowinsky

Dead Robin
Donna Pucciani

Creative Nonfiction

Burning the Horse
Kirby Wright

Breathing the Air of Africa
Orman Day

Strike Talk

Kelly Quigg

Richard Bentley

Two Views of the Harbor
Bobbie Wayne

Explaining Phthonos
Delaney Heisterkemp

The Indefinable Armoire
Judith Padow

Text & Image

Hero Corp
Marcel Walker