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Issue 4

Table of Contents

Issue 4

Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest Winners:


Sad Sack
David Prodell

Runner-Up Contestants,

Familiar Tongue
Roberta Marggraff

The Place In Between
Jeanne Wagner


The Arsonist
Justin Nicholes

The Blurbs of Eric Demp
Brian Beise

The Corset
Gia Sola

Small Town Fusion
David Luoma

Small Things
Marsha Koretzky

Funny, Cry, Happy
Robin Caine

Death of the Monolith
Dustin Harbin

Request for Refund
Shellie Zacharia


Suejin Suh

In The Garden
Jim Zimmerman

Moon Walking
Jane Rosenberg LaForge

3 or 4 Days
Mark Wisniewski

Lap Dance
Jospeh Goosey

Rosemary Brown, Friend of Dead Composers
Alex Cigale

That Light
Paul Hostovsky

John Repp

The Man his Mother Knew
Caroline Misner

The Monarch
Suzanne Ondrus

Egg Wars
Rob Burnside

Brian Brown

The Displacement of Dreams
Jonathan Greenhause

Lauren Schmidt

Calendar Islands
Jeffrey Alfier

The Metalsmith
Dorothy DiRienzi

Louise Nevelson
Alex Cigale

Eva's Catalog of Household Objects
Greta Pullen

Wedding Day Liaison
Ian Haight

Snail Mail
Paul Hostovsky

Accidentally on Purpose
Marjorie Zettler

slither and crawl
Marqus Bobesich

Lindsay Ehrisman

Dr. Genghis Chang, the Eye Machine, Meets Agnes Pincus
Ariel Smart

Dancing with Green Bees
Karla Linn Merrifield

Aunt Jemima's Revenge
Allison Joseph

P.H. in Paris
Robert Kramer

Creative Nonfiction

Exhausted from Sex
Henry Tonn

Grandpa Tom's Cane
Bob Mustin

Empty Lungs
Rachel Rosolina

Kindle Didn't Start a Fire
Kim Allen Niesen

The Underlying Truth
Ronna Edelstein

Dream House
Lisa Harris

Exit Wounds
Anthony King