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Issue 7

Table of Contents

Issue 7

Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest Winners:


God Classifies the Fox
Meg Cowen

Runner-Up Contestants,

Protest at Tahrir Square
C. Dylan Basset

The Undocumented
Meridith Stricker


The New Director
Pedro Ponce 

Five Pixels
Emily Bufford

Pictures from the Center of the Universe
Allie Marini Batts

Robert McParland

La Partida
Alberto Chimal 

Departure (translation)
Alberto Chimal

The Dog Whisperer’s Wife
Airea D. Matthews

The Dentist’s Wife
Airea D. Matthews

The Mine Owner’s Wife
Airea D. Matthews

Marjorie Maddox

Charles Rammelkamp

279 Waterloo Street
Charles Rafferty

The Last Blood Maple
Charles Booth

Hunter Liguore 

Ashley Pankratz 

While You’re Up and About
Meghan Lamb

She Knows More Than I Know
Wayne Cresser

Nate Liederbach

Eleven Seconds
Elizabeth Naranjo

Rosemary Callenberg


Letter to Astronauts, Cosmonauts, and Taikonauts from the Abyss
Jared Bajkowski

A Poem Written While Waiting for a Tow Truck 
Russ Woods

No Clue
John Nizalowski

No Clue II
John Nizalowski

The Grevious Math, the Revised Definitions, and the Continuing Adventures of Economic Reform
Jim Daniels

Word Halter .133
Guy R. Beining

Word Halter .134
Guy R. Beining

Mary Elizabeth Parker 

Swerve, A Life in Three Parts
Charlotte M. Porter

A bin Laden on Every Street Corner
Giavanna Munafo

Bertha Rogers

The U.S. Weather Bureau Unknowingly Names a Storm after a Friend Recently Dead
John Surowiecki

Adulterers on Their Way Home 
John Surowiecki

R.O. (An Ordinary Evening in New Haven) 
John Surowiecki

The Month of Slumber
Deborah DiNicola

Rainbow Popsicles
Kacee Belcher

Upon Arriving at Father’s House the Day Before his Funeral 
Paul David Atkins

Charlie Chaplin Takes Third Place in a Charlie Chaplin Look-alike Contest
Stephanie Lenox

Corpse Flower in Bloom
Stephanie Lenox

New York Is a Bloodbath
Megan Volpert

Summer in the City
Jason Storms

Creative Nonfiction

Of Complicated Themes: An Essay Elucidating Notions I’ve Had, the Ideas of Others, and Interesting Facts About Squirrels 
Scott Russell Morris

Woman’s First Skydive Turns Out to be her Last 
Marjorie Maddox

Pride: The Dad Jean
Ariel Wall 

La Vida Londiense
Silvia Nanclares

London Life (translation)
Silvia Nanclares

Recipes for Ladies Who Want to Reduce
Ellen VanWoert

Text & Image

Cat Prison 
Yu-Han Chao

Prisoner Choo Choo
Yu-Han Chao

Visitor Cats
Yu-Han Chao

Evil Cat
Yu-Han Chao

Officer Cat
Yu-Han Chao

Earl & Tony
Nils Balls

My Natural Gas Drilling
Nils Balls

Toilet Paper Decision
Nils Balls

Shark 2
Nils Balls 

Wagon Train
Nils Balls