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Issue 8

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Issue 8

Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest Winners:


(Bodying Forth
Kristen Orser


(To Vinny the Lip)
Patrick Moran 


Eve Powers

Eve Powers

Eve Powers

Amélie Olaiz 

Pegasus (translation)
Amélie Olaiz

Silver Alert: Blue Honda Accord, Lic Plate DNL-657
David Galef

Cinema Verité 
Rikki Santer

Bull Garlington

Dear Susan
Justin Zipprich

Laurie Michaels

The Seduction
James Cho

We Dream Big the World 
Joseph Bodie

The Remote
Zan Bockes

Double Yellow 
Zan Bockes

The Glass Piñata
Zan Bockes

The Lure 
Teresa Hommel

The Things that Happen Next
Catherine Sustana

John Brown Spiers

Getting Lost
Emmet Haq

Common Courtesy
Adam Berlin


Taking Care 
Chrys Tobey

Sunday Morning Blues Played Through a Blown Amp
Jeffrey Alfier

Probabilities: An Inventory 
Rikki Santer

Scrambled Eggs
Ronald Steiner

Mashed Potatoes
Ronald Steiner

All Inclusive
Tobi Cogswell

First Song
Joseph Bruchac

The Bowery Bees
Christin O’Keefe Aptowicz

The Closure Hotel
Christin O’Keefe Aptowicz 

November Elegy-17
Stephen Kaplan

November Elegy-20
Stephen Kaplan

Simon Perchik

Shia LaBeouf
Paul Cunningham

Civil Conversation
Emma Koch

Resurrections, a ballad
Emma Koch

The Best Use of the Electric Chair
Brian Murphy

Despair Has Eyes 
Alyssa Cooper

Alyssa Cooper

Time Keeper
Dave Morrison

Advice from a Middle-Aged Man to his Teenage Self
Steve Westbrook

Advice from a Teenage Boy to his Middle-Aged Self
Steve Westbrook

Folk Tale 
Kathleen McGookey

Marian Shapiro

The Big Bang
Jasmine Dreame Wagner

Bark Tattoo
Genevieve Fitzgerald

Music Maker
Arleen Cohen

Costume Party
Arleen Cohen

Fun Money
Laura Ramos

Empathy from Upholstery
Laura Ramos

Laura Ramos

Walt Whitman, Homeless and Pushing a Cart in America
Russell Thornburn

On a Bus Headed East on Russell Thornburn US 2 in a Late Night Blizzard Years Ago
Russell Thornburn

Near Death Experience
Corey Ginsberg

Falling Awake 
Donelle McGee

Private Eye
C. R. Resetarits

Where you from?
Randy Phillis

Almost Alive
Randy Phillis

Dale Walkonen

In Gold We Trust
Dale Walkonen

Lillo Way

And We Never Saw Their Eyes
Robert Kurt

Thrift Shop Model
Anthony Bradley

The Tattooed Man
Monica Wendel

Creative Nonfiction

It’s Just a Bear
Gary McDowell

Princess Cathy in the Land of Regret 
Kirby Wright 

Mixed Relationships
Marc Mason

A Bunch of People Who’ve Died
Ron Riekki

At the Tennis Center
Kelly Miesko

Getting Lost in the Suburbs of Memory
Michael Watson

The Waiting Room
Helen Rugierri

Mary Carpenter

Paraponera Clavata
Mark Lewandowski

My Father’s Limp
Paula Weld-Cary

Text & Image

Boys Tell Me Things That Make Me Feel Uncomfortable
Maggie Negrete