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Issue 9

Table of Contents

Issue 9

Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest Winners:


Revisiting December 2001
Lucian Mattison


To Love You is to Vex You Now
Lisa M. Cole


The Lonely Gunman
Robert Reid

Indian Blanket
Cynthia Sample

A Distant Landscape
Debka Colson

Two Men and a Gun
Frank Scozzari

The Wire Dog
Mercedes Lawry

The Delight in Hazel
Ferguson Porter

The Road to Great Salvation
Molly Kuhn

When Eating Peanuts
Michael P. McManus

Jenny Robertson

Virginia Woolf in the Po-Po-Mo Lit Bitz
Joan Connor

Marcy Campbell

How to Remove a Lady from Her Seaside Home
Pam Wolfson

Phillip Sterling
“Hurry Up Please It’s Time”


The Contortionists
Joel Peckham

Taylor Supplee

Mother, Before
Anemone Beaulier

Sonnet of the Stack
John Repp

Café Del Soul’s Final Set
Brian Fanelli

Fred Shaw

Jack Glances at Genealogy and Genetics
Kevin Brown

You Are Standing In—
Cathy Barber

Domestic Animal Anatomy: Dissection Lab
Clara Bush

Timid Jim
Charles Harper Webb

Susana H. Case

Jazz de Opus, Portland
Charles Farrell Thielman

Save Me
J. Tarwood

I’m Sweating Like a Banshee
Charles Harper Webb

Quills’ End
DJ Gaskin

The Sweetness of Summer
Liz Dolan

Interior Media Violence
Jed Myers

Last Night
Doug Bolling

Narrative Impulse
Aaron Anstett

Great Expectations
Liz Dolan

Little Owl
Chuck Kramer

Fat Finger
Charles Harper Webb

Etienne (#15)
Sherry Steiner

Waste Not
Jen Karetnick

The Solution
Jessica Helen Lopez

The Last Gratitude
Randolph Pfaff

Pulling Up
Sam Pierstorff

The Last Model
Laura Carter

The End
Chuck Kramer

A Lighthouse Keeper Speaks
Susan Johnson

Memory Foam
Jen Karetnick

Creative Nonfiction

Why I Won’t Lay…
Sean Prentiss

There’s a Crack in Everything
Morgan Bazilian

Western State College, Class of 1994
Sean Prentiss

Interview with Punkaj Rishi Kumar
Dr. Sunita Peacock

Clasping Empty Air
Sean Prentiss

Oral History Project
David Potsubay and Genna Walker

Ode to a Surrogate’s Grace
Gail Hosking

Kevin Callaway

Text & Image

Pamela Petro