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Issue 10

Table of Contents

Issue 10

Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest Winners:


Nude New Hampshire News
Shae Savoy


The Real Prairie (Sheyanne National Grassland)
Clara Bush


Luke M. Jones

Bridge Out
G. Elizabeth Kretchmer

Farmer on His Land
Hadeel Salameh

Jim Brennan

Flash Fiction
William Orem

Once Upon A Time When I Was a Mexican
Gilbert Arzola

The Edge
Randall Brown

The Ninth Story
Zan Bockes

For the Children
Ronald J. Pelias

Everything I Know of Love I Learned from the Funny Pages
Robert Kinerk

Brian DiNuzzo

Avenida Balboa, 1999
Ben Feldman

The Mechanics of a Thing Like This
Julia Fox


Ms. Bovary Goes House Hunting in 2014
Chrys Tobey

White Hoodie
Mario Duarte

After Reading Morose Short Stories by García Márquez While in Winnipeg for a Conference
Mario Duarte

Natalie Busarello

This Place of Scraps
John Sibley Williams

Christopher Shipman

The Sun
Stephanie Baird

The Realest
Joseph Rathgeber

Southern Gospel
Samuel J. Fox

Dew-Damp and Sap-Scented
Holly Day

I Am All You’ve Got
Holly Day

I equals 1
William H. Upjohn

Gerald Stern

Song of Deborah
Gerald Stern

Blue Jay
Gerald Stern

Ich Bin Jude
Gerald Stern

A is for Amy, who fell down the stairs
Kristina McDonald

Hearing Loss
Jim Daniels

My Job is to Convince You
Lynn Schmeidler

Vincent Street
Stephen McGouldrick

Snow in July
Ira Woodward

Abigail R. Shaffer

Smugglers All
Lisa Harris

Megan Rowlands

Jessica Drake-Thomas

i see you near the bus stop for the first hundredth time
Michael Passafiume

Creative Nonfiction

All Sorts of Things and Weather, Taken in Together
Randy Osborne

The Melding Tree
Thomas N. Mannella III

You Tell Me Yours and I’ll Tell You Mine
Jacqueline Doyle

Interview with Gerald Stern
Nancy A. Barta-Smith

Kelly Miller

The Big Texan
J. J. Anselmi

Fore and Aft
Orman Day

Any Boy Can Give You a Nickname
Katelyn Jones

The Devil’s Forest
David Potsubay

Text & Image

Daily Geology
John Peña