? SLAB | Sound & Literary Art Book

Issue 10

Contest Winners

Shae Savoy

Nude New Hampshire News


—To My Poet Friend, Over There

She calls it Universe.
Syllables same, capital U.
Same. The doctors want to pull

it out. Livermetimbers, how the waters come
rush in. They told her she’s got a brokedown
liver, locked-up jaw. Iron knocks

but it can’t get in, won’t walk
the red rope, cabaret of red-hatted
ladies dancing upstream.

She writes bone density
poems, striated muscle
theatre. Her brown hair sounds. Sparks

heart sharp her words, meticulous knife
her pen pulls back
the skin, cobwebs

She speaks
in constellations: stomach plus
teeth, stitched-up previous

breach, eyes gone liquid. When an animal
falls sick here they plug
it into the wall. Whites surround. Blade

medicine. Barbershop doctors hum
a razor quartet. Remove the offending
planets. Sometimes the lips break, run

sloppy. Okay to slip
slack, my friend. Weep

the universe.