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Issue 1


Authors Bios & Q/A

In addition to providing a biography, our contributors answered the following:


1. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
2. How do you take your coffee?
3. Who were you in a previous life?
4. Who or what is your greatest influence?
5. What is the worst film you ever paid to see?
6. What is the best thing you can buy for a dollar?
7. What is the worst present you ever received?
8. What is your favorite word?






We hope that you enjoy their answers as much as we did.

Barry Ballard's poetry has most recently appeared in Prairie Schooner, The Connecticut Review, The Apalachee Review, and Puerto del Sol. His most recent collection is Plowing To The End of the Road(Finishing Line Press, and nominated for the Pushcart Prize). He writes from Burleson , Texas . (abballard@hotmail.com)

  1. Those horrible old black and white "B" flicks.
  2. Early in the morning only. I hate the stuff.
  3. I was a good friend of Benjamin Franklin's
  4. Jurgen Moltmann, a friend, an influential theologian, someone who turned me around after Vietnam
  5. Too numerous to list. Remember Item One.
  6. A kiss at the state fair.
  7. The lie of up-trending stock
  8. Dialectic (weird)

Joe Beneventois Professor of English at Truman State University and co-editor of Green Hills Literary Lantern. He has published two books of poetry, Holding On and Willing to Believe, and has a third forthcoming, My Puerto Rican Past . He is also the author of the novels, Plumbing In Harlem and The Odd Squad , and has had poetry, short stories and essays in over two-hundred different placed, includingPoets & Writers Bilingual Review and Wisconsin Review . He lives in Kirksbille , MO with his wife, Carol, and their three children, Maria, Joseph and Claire.

  1. Watching The Three Stooges, though I don't really feel guilty about it.
  2. I hardly ever drink coffee, but will occasionally go for a cappuchino at Bruno's Caffe in Greenwich Village , close to where I used to go to school (NYU).
  3. Al Jolson
  4. Groucho marx
  5. There are too many to list.
  6. A small napoleon.
  7. A silk sweater that smelled badly.
  8. Bogavante (Spanish for large lobster)


Eliza Bishop 's work as a poet and essayist has appeared in “The Susquehanna Review,” “The Martin Luther King Day Junior Writing Awards,” “The Sloping Halls Review,” and “Can We Have Our Ball Back.” She continues to write because “the page with a poem is always invisible; it is not it that we see.”

  1. Foot massage
  2. Spash of milk, dash of sugar
  3. Black wolf
  4. Gaston Bachelard
  5. The title has left my memory
  6. Striped knee-high socks
  7. No present
  8. Glossolalia

An attorney and a writer, James Charles Crowley works as in-house legal counsel for Chicago State University . He is a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Illinois . He received his M.A. in creative writing from DePaul University , and is presently working on both a collection of essays and a novel.

  1. Watching “The Biggest Loser” marathons
  2. Once a month, at Burger King, with cini-minis
  3. Frida Kahlo
  4. 80s Pop Music
  5. Spice World
  6. A sheet of Thomas the Train stickers for my nephew
  7. A plastic ice bucket, from a priest, for my high school graduation
  8. Paradox

Carol V. Davis' poems have appeared in Prairie Schooner, Mid-American Review, New American Review, etc. Her first chapbook was Letters From Prague (1991). She spend 1996-97 as a Fulbright scholar in St. Petersburg , Russia , where a full length collection, It's Time to Talk About… was published in a bilingual edition. A new chapbook, The Violin Teacher was published in 2005, from Dancing Girls Press, Chicago. She is an instructor at Santa Monica College , CA. She spent fall 2005 in Russia on a second Fulbright.

  1. Red licorice
  2. With milk
  3. Woman in Russia
  4. Russian literature
  5. Luckily I've forgotten
  6. Not buying, saving for travel
  7. A porcelain tehochke
  8. If


Corrine De Winter has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize, Corrine De Winter's poetry, fiction, essays and interviews have appeared worldwide in publications such as the The New York Quarterly, Imago, Phoebe, Plainsongs, Yankee, Sacred Journey, Interim, The Chrysalis Reader, The Lucid Stone, Fate ,Press, Sulphur River Literary Review, Modern Poetry, The Lyric, Atom Mind, The Writer, The Lyricand over 800 other publications. She has been the recipient of awards from Triton College of Arts & Sciences, Writer's Digest, The Esme Bradberry Award, The Madeline Sadin Award, The Rhysling Award, and has been featured in Poet's Market 1995-2004. Ms. De Winter is a member of HWA (Horror Writer's Association) and is a resident of Western Massachusetts . De Winter is the author of 7 collections of poetry & prose including Like Eve, The Half Moon Hotel, and Touching The Wound , which sold over 3000 copies in its first year, and the latest "The Women At The Funeral", winner of the 2004 Bram Stoker Award for superior achievement in poetry.

  1. Breakfast at 3:00 in the morning
  2. Cream and sugar
  3. A nun, I'm told. A girl whose lover was lanced through the heart
  4. Conrad Aiken
  5. Breathe
  6. Glitter
  7. Silence
  8. Desire

James Doyle's book, Einstein Considers A Sand Dune (2004), won the Steel Toe Books contest. Doyle is married to poet Sharon Doyle and has poems coming out in Poems & Plays, The Briar Cliff Review, Prairie Schooner, The Iowa Review  and Xavier Review.   

  1. Suspense novels
  2. Equal and Pream
  3. Neanderthal hermit
  4. Sacred books
  5. Patch adams
  6. Bus ride
  7. Ventriloquist's dummy with one eye dangling out
  8. Sharon

Sharon Doyle recently retired from raising five children and teaching English in high schools and colleges, and is enjoying writing after a long hiatus. She lives with her husband in Fort Collins , Colorado . She has recently been published in Mona Poetica, Nimrod, descant, The South Carolina Review, and Cimarron Review. 

  1. Dark chocolate, Dove Bars
  2. Four cups, at a Time with Wal-Mart's “Pream”
  3. Queen Victoria
  4. Classical music
  5. The Prince of Tides
  6. Bottomless cup of coffee
  7. Mother Teresa bobblehead
  8. Jim

John M. Edwards has traveled worldwidely (five continents plus). His 
work has appeared in Salon.com, Grand Tour, Escape, Islands, Condé Nast Traveler, 
Endless Vacation, International Living, Trips, Big World, Coffee Journal, 
Literal Latté, Lilliput Review, Poetry Motel, Parnassus, Kit-Cat Review, Richmond 
Review, Artdirect, North Dakota Quarterly, Michigan Quarterly Review, and 
North American Review, among others. He has just written a novella, Move, and is 
now working on a travel book, Fluid Borders. He is currently the editor of an 
imaginary zine called Unpleasant Vacations: The Magazine of Misadventure.

  1. Smoking
  2. Three times a day
  3. William the conquerer
  4. Bruce Chatwin
  5. Titanic (the most overrate film in history)
  6. Nothing
  7. Nothing
  8. Peradventure

Gail Rudd Entrekin lives in Nevada City , California , and teaches English and Creative Writing at Sierra College . Her books of poems include Change (Will Do You Good) (Poetic Matrix Press, 2005), You Notice the Body (Hip Pocket Press, 1998) and John Danced (Berkeley Poets Workshop & Press, 1984). Poetry editor of Hip Pocket Press since 2000, she edited the anthology Sierra Songs & Descants: Poetry & Prose of the Sierra in 2002. Her poems have been widely published in literary magazines and anthologies.

John Fitzpatrick was awarded 2002 and 2004 poetry residencies at Vermont Studio Center . Since 2003, his poems have received the Hackney Literary Award in Poetry, Birmingham-Southern College , AL , and honors in City Works Mad Poets Review Confluence Taproot Literary Review , and Clark College 2004 Writers . Other poems appeared or will be forthcoming in The Mid-America Poetry Review, The Cape Rock, Asphodel, Plainsongs, California Quarterly, Kennesaw Review, Yalobusha Review, Luna Negra & others His 2000 New York University Doctor of Philosophy degree dissertation in Arts and Humanities dealt with poet as creator and reader responder, with poets Barbara Unger and Michael Burkard participating in his research.

  1. Day dreaming
  2. Black – I grew up on a farm that had a few cars but every adult member of my family drank their coffee black! Their reason? One got the true taste of the coffee bean that way!
  3. An American Indian
  4. Thoreau for his love nature and for his leaving his moral conscience in this daily life.
  5. Clueless
  6. An apple nut muffin from the local Bread Alone as my treat to me for a morning of writing
  7. Someone else's gift still wrapped but with original nametag removed replaced by my name and given to me as if wrapped especially for me
  8. FOCUS


Gail Folkins, a doctoral candidate in creative writing at Texas Tech University , writes nonfiction and poetry. Her recent publications include an essay in an anthology titled Horse Crazy and a scholarly article in Lifewriting Annual. Her nonfiction manuscript Dance Hall Revival is under contract with Texas Tech University Press.

Cara Ford received her BA in English from Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana, and her MFA in creative nonfiction from the University of Pittsburgh . She is an academic advisor and teaches Humanistic Studies at Saint Mary's College.

  1. South Park
  2. Straight-up
  3. Anais Nin
  4. Stevie Nicks
  5. Legally Blonde 2
  6. Medium Frosty at Wendy's
  7. Break-up e-mail on my sister's birthday
  8. Enchanted

Robert Long Foreman comes from Wheeling , West Virginia and currently teaches at Ohio University . Some of his scholarly work is forthcoming in the Frontenac Review . This is his first creative publication.


Daniel M. Gallik has had poetry and short stories published by various online journals plus Hawaii Review, A.I.M. .( America 's Intercultural Magazine), Parabola Nimrod Limeston ( U. of Kentucky ),The Hiram Poetry Review Aura ( University of Alabama ), and Whiskey Island ( Cleveland State University ). Daniel's first novel, A Story Of Dumb Fate is available at publishamerica.com and soon will be at Cleveland area Border's Bookstores.

  1. My wife realistically. All other women mentally
  2. Blacker than black
  3. Some gaseous element – Neon?
  4. Ezra Pound
  5. Rocky V
  6. Calgary Export Ale
  7. Gift card to Wal-Mart
  8. Atavism

Roger Garside is a former British diplomat, who served twice in Beijing, first during the Cultural Reveolution and later, 1976 - 79, during the struggle for the succession to Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, a story that he told in coming Alive: China After Mao (McGraw-Hill, New York, and Andrew Deutsch, London, both 1981).

Kathie Giorgio's recent writing credits include stories in Fiction International, Quality Women's Fiction, Oyez Review, Jabberwock Review, Karamu Review, Bellowing Ark, Reed Magazine, The Binnacle, Zuzu's Petals Quarterly, Licking River Review, Thema, The Goblin Reader, and Artisans. In the near future, stories will appear in Eclipse and in the premier issue of Broken Bridge Review.   Her stories have also appeared in such magazines as Buffalo Spree and Passager, among many others, as well as in Papier Mache Press's last anthology, Generation to Generation.  She holds her BA in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and her MFA in Fiction Writing from Vermont College .  She teaches creative writing to adults and children at several local colleges and universities and online for Writers' Digest, as well as privately.  She is also the director of AllWriters' Workplace and Workshop, LLC.

  1. Chocolate malt spiked with Bailey's Irish Crème.
  2. Black
  3. Someone whose memory was fully erased
  4. Ellen Gilchrist and John Irving
  5. Hotel New Hampshire
  6. Milky Way Midnight candy bar
  7. Pink night gown with a stuffed fuzzy teddy bear stitched to the chest
  8. Something you wouldn't want to print


Brian Holderman, who works under the guise Cloud8, is a Pittsburgh  based graphic artist and painter known for work that blends his illustration and hand drawn typography with traditional graphic design. His work has been exhibited throughout the US , including the  Andy Warhol Museum and Giant Robot San Francisco.

  1. One more beer .
  2. Black
  3. n/a
  4. Zatoichi
  5. The Transporter
  6. A six pack of powdered donuts
  7. Knuckle Sandwich
  8. bungle

Evelyn Ibarra was born and raised in Minnesota . She lived in Berkeley , California for seventeen years working as a model maker, economist, and city planner before finding poetry. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she works as an architect and is completing a PEN USA Rosenthal Fellowship.

1. Ice cream
2. Without coffee – I don't drink it!
3. A fish
4. My mother
5. Fortunately, I've blocked them all out!
6. Everlasting Gobstopper
7. No present
8. Water


Rich Ives has published fiction and poetry in Iowa Review, Northwest Review, North American Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Massachusetts Review, Verse and many more.  He teaches creative writing at Everett Community College and is a multi-instrumentalist lately concentrating on Dobro and fiddle.

  1. Left-handed scissors
  2. Straight
  3. Joe Venuti
  4. Joseph Cornell
  5. Desperado
  6. Guitar picks
  7. Teddy bear coffee mug
  8. Reluctant


Allison Joseph lives, writes, and teaches in Carbondale , Illinois , where she's on the faculty at Southern Illinois University. Her latest books are Imitation of Life and Worldly Pleasures .

  1. Watching Degrassi: The Next Generation on the N
  2. Don't drink it. Prefer tea – Iced or sweet
  3. Lorraine Hansberry (I wish!)
  4. My grad school teacher, Yusef Komunyakaa and my husband, Jon Trubble
  5. Cats and dogs. Or was it Cats vs. Dogs? It had talking animals and Jeff Goldblum.
  6. Some stamps
  7. I can't say for fear of offending the giver…
  8. Acceptance

Yuliana Kim-Grant grew up in suburban Philadelphia . She received her BA from The George Washington University and her MFA in Creative Writing Fiction from Emerson College . She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and young son.

  1. Krispy Kreme doughnuts
  2. Lots of milk, one small teaspoon of sugar
  3. A Korean empress
  4. My mother
  5. Autumn in New York and The Fifth Element
  6. Time on a parking meter
  7. Ugly pajamas. Also a wooden chair that was sold as art, but was more kitsch than art.
  8. Misanthrope.

Jennifer L. Knox currently resides in Columbus , Ohio . She works as a freelance writer, artist, and bookseller. She is currently looking toward a graduate program in Creative Nonfiction. Her work has been published in Quiz & Quill's Sweet Nothings Issue Spring Street , and received honorable mention and publication in the 2005 ECC Literary Competition .

  1. Obscene amounts of Turkish food
  2. I'm in recovery, but when I lapse I take it with lots of cream, lots of sugar.
  3. Victoria Woodhull
  4. My parents, equally
  5. Monster-in-Law
  6. The green-ticket items at the thrift store (on Tuesdays anyway)
  7. Underwear in the wrong size
  8. Plunge

Paula Lambert was a resident fellow at the Virgina Center for the Creative Arts in 2005 and in 2004 was the recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Individiual Artist Fellowship in creative nonfiction for her autobiography Silver Girl: Story of a Suicidal Mind. She has published a number of stories, poems, and essays in such magazines as The Hawaii Review, The Wisconsin Review, other voices, The Awakenings Review, Ohioana Quarterly, Phoebe (she wont he 1995 Phoebe Fiction Prize), Zone 3, and others. She received her MFA in English from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1994 abd her MFA in Creative writing (Fiction) from Bowling Green State University in 1996.


Lyn Lifshin's recent prizewinning book (Paterson Poetry Award) Before It's Light Was published winter 1999-2000 by Black Sparrow press, following their publication of Cold Comfort in 1997. Another Woman Who Looks Like Me will be published by Black Sparrow Lyn Lifshin's recent prizewinning book (Paterson Poetry Award) Before It's Light was -David Godine in 2005. (ORDER@GODINE) Also recently published is A New Film about a Woman in Love with the Dead , March Street Press. Her newest books about the short lived beautiful race horse, Ruffian: The Licorice Daughter, My Year with Ruffian, and The Daughter I Don't Have . Arielle Press will publish Poets (Mostly) Who Have Touched Me, Living and Dead. All True, Especially the Lies summer of 2006.  And Presa Press will publish In Mirrors . For interviews, photographs, more bio material, reviews, interviews, prose, samples of work and more, her web site iswww.lynlifshin.com . She is working on a new collection of selected poems.

  1. Buy clothes I don't need.
  2. Latte
  3. no clue
  4. not sure
  5. Dances with Wolves
  6. M+M's
  7. Sun shower
  8. Velvet

Martin Lindauer has published widely on psychology and the arts, including “The Psychological Study of Literature” (Nelson-Hall) and “Aging, Creativity, and Art” (Springer).  His short fiction, essays, and memoirs have been published in The Jewish Magazine, Poetica, and elsewhere.

Richard Luftig is a professor of educational psychology and special education at Miami University of Ohio. His poems have appeared in many journals in national and international journals in the United States , Japan , Australia , England , Canada and Europe .

Dorothy Blackcrow Mack has taught at I.I.T., U. Michigan, Oglala Lakota College , and Linn-Benton CC. Contributing editor at Calyx . Her orks are published in Alabama Literary Review Folio Fireweed ,The Literary Review Savannah Literary Journal Shaman's Drum Side Show Spa Sun , andZYZZYVA . First Place, Poetry, Pacific Northwest Writers1994; First Place, Essay, PNW 1998, First Place, Essay, Willamette Writers 1999. Poem “Wind Cave II: Time of Emergence” was nominated in 1996 for the Pushcart Prize. She recently moved to Depoe Bay to write full-time, turning her experience of marrying a Lakota spiritual leader and raising a sacred herd of buffalo into a memoir, Belonging to the Black Crows.

  1. Jacuzzi
  2. Latte, café au lait (French style in a bowl)
  3. (see my three lifetimes bio)
  4. The land wherever I live ( Rio , Cape Foulweather , Badlands )
  5. Some werewolf flick
  6. Nothing. (best things are free, like a sunny day)
  7. Dog turd key chain
  8. whatever


Shari Mastalski defines Slippery Rock's non-traditional student. She is completing a BS in Applied Science having received an AAS in Horticulture and Landscape Design from Oklahoma State University in Oklanhoma City . Mother of Shawn, a Penn State senior, and Erin , pilot and artist, Shari lives in Butler with her entrepreneur husband Frank. She is pursuing both theater and dance minors, weaving together the visions and pursuits of a lifetime.

1. Only my husband knows my favorite guilty pleasures.
2. I rarely take coffee but I love hot decaf with raw sugar and real cream or a touch of Bailey's Irish Cream.
3. In a previous life I was a visionary, artist, barrier breaker, teacher, and gardner.
4. My greatest influences are my amazingly-original, multi-faceted parents; my heart-changing, earth-moving children; and my star-hitched, intensely-loving husband.
5. Worst film was some stupid Santa Claus movie I forget the name.
6. The best thing for a dollar is a package of cosmos seeds.
7. The worst present was a silver-plated, heart-and-arrow-shaped trivet.
8. My favorite word is Yeshua.

Lori Anderson Moseman is the author of two books of poetry ( Cultivating Excess and Persona) and a chapbook ( Walking the Dead). Currently, she teaches poetry for CUNY in Queens . She has an MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop, an MFA in Electronic Arts for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Doctor of Arts from University at Albany . Her poems have appeared in Harpur Palate, Passages North, Colorado Review, Bathyspheric Review, 8T3, Terra Nova, Phoebe, 13 th Moon, and The Little Magazine.She lives in Brooklyn as well as along the Delaware River in Pennsylvania . She is an active member of the Upper Delaware Writers' Collective.

  1. Double chocolate muffin in the morning
  2. With a double chocolate muffin (and cream)
  3. a fork (perhaps a pitchfork) (one can never be certain)
  4. Dinner table discourse
  5. Clerks
  6. Double chocolate muffin
  7. Mr. Potato-Head (a busted one, from the gutter) or shampoo and a pyrex butter dish (wrapped together)
  8. Radish

Carol Nolde grew up in Jeffersonville , New York , in the foothills of the Catskills, on a dairy farm that was originally owned by her great-great grandfather. She is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany and the Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury , Vermont . She studied writing with Alfred Corn and Marie Ponsot at the poetry center of the 92 nd Street Y in New York City . For several years she continued to meet regularly in NYC with writers under the direction of Marie Ponsot. Her poetry recently anthologized in Knowing Stones: Poems of Exotic Places and in the second edition of Love Is Ageless-Stories About Alzheimer's Disease . She and her family live in Westfield , New Jersey , where she taught English and creative writing and for many years was an associate editor for Merlyn's Pen , a national magazine devoted to the work of teenage writers.

  1. Eating a fresh bagel with lots of butter after weighing in at Weight Watchers
  2. Fresh ground. Strong… with milk, no sugar
  3. I don't know about a previous life, but I've been many people in my present life!
  4. In my daily life I frequently recognize my grandmother's influence. In writing, my greatest influence is Marie Ponset
  5. I've walked out of a few after only fifteen minutes of viewing, but I'm afraid I have not allowed myself to remember their names
  6. The New York Times
  7. No answer
  8. I love the sound of the word Chatelaine. Recently challenged myself to write a poem about it.

Diane Payne teaches English at University of Arkansas-Monticello, where she's faculty advisor for Foliate Oak ( http://www.uamont.edu/foliateoak ), a literary magazine that is currently seeking submissions.  She is the author of the novel Burning Tulips, and has 
been published in hundreds of literary magazines.

  1. Eating too many chocolate cookies
  2. With steamed milk
  3. A very sneaky dog.
  4. Old friends that aren't around anymore
  5. French Kiss
  6. Big candy bar that fundraisers sell for band
  7. Nylons
  8. Finished!


Allan Peterson's manuscript All the Lavish in Common won the 2005 Juniper Prize and is forthcoming from University of Massachusetts Press in 2006. An earlier book, Anonymous Or  won the Defined Providence Press competition and was published in 2002. 
Recent print appearances: Prairie Schooner, West Wind, Bellingham Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Natural Bridge . Recent online: Chapbook, "Any Given Moment"  Right Hand Pointing.com; Perihelion, Stickman Review, Marlboro Review, Tar Wolf Awards: Fellowships from the NEA and the State of Florida

Carlos Ponce-Melendez 's poetry has been published in The Poet, The Texas Observer, Small Brushes, Voices Along the River, Reforma, Attention, Blue Collar Review and elsewhere. He wrote a book “Platicas de mi Barrio,” Bilingual Press/Editorial Bilingue, Tempe 1999. He also wrote two children's books; Ay Mi Espalda, Scholastics, New York , 1998 and Baja Gregorio Baja, Scholastics, New York , 1998.

  1. Reading a good novel instead of writing a bad one.
  2. I like strong espresso with good friends
  3. Probably a tropical fish
  4. Too many to choose one
  5. The Wizard of Oz frightened me when I was a kid but now I love it
  6. Hope. I buy postage to send a query letter.
  7. A used gum
  8. Tomorrow.

A native of southern New Jersey who currently lives near the bluffs overlooking Presque Isle Bay, John Repp is the author of Thirst Like This (University of Missouri Press, 1990), The Fertile Crescent (Cherry Grove Collections, 2004), Gratitude (Cherry Grove Collections, 2005), and six limited-edition chapbooks of poetry and short-short fiction. The recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship and Residency Fellowships at Yaddo, the Hawthornden Castle International Retreat for Writers, the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, the Centrum Foundation, and Fundacion Valparaiso, he teaches writing and literature at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, works in the Arts-in-Education Program of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and lives in Erie, Pennsylvania with his wife, the potter Katherine Knupp, and their son, Dylan.

  1. Shortbread
  2. Black
  3. I have no idea
  4. Too many to name
  5. The Bo Derek Tarzan
  6. A ping pong ball
  7. I have no idea
  8. Every single one.


Brady Rhoades writes short stories and poetry. His work has appeared in Antioch Review, Appalachia Review, Cold Mountain Review, Red Rock Review, Slipstream, Timber Creek Review, Visions International and other publications. He lives in Southern California and works as a city editor for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

  1. Cheese. Cheddar cheese. On saltine crackers. I can eat fifty easy.
  2. Plenty of cream, a spoonful of sugar
  3. A Caribbean turtle
  4. Voltaire, Vallejo, all the dogs I've known
  5. It had to do with bees and starred Peter Fonda
  6. A newspaper
  7. A Beatlemania record
  8. Preposterous

Arlene Sanders has won many awards in writing contests, including Honorable Mentions in the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition and the E.M. Koeppel Short Fiction Awards. She won first place inByLine Magazine's New-Talent Short Story Contest and was a finalist in the Future Writers- USA First Annual Short Story Competition. She has a B.A. in English and belongs to Phi Betta Kappa. Arlene is an Appalachian Mountain writer, born and raised in the South. She has a story forthcoming in Mindprints,has completed two short story collections, and is working on her first novel. She welcomes comments on her work at raskol@dellmail.com.

  1. Filling the bathtub with hot water—then pouring in Chanel No. 5
  2. With a handsome man—and a smile
  3. Seabiscuit
  4. The King James Bible
  5. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (well, I didn't see all of it)
  6. A wonderful old post card from Paris : “Having a wonderful time, wish I were there. P.S. I love you.” In French.
  7. Found at a garage sale by a friend who had no idea what it was: a battered old copy of Mein Kampf, signed by the author
  8. Yes!

Judith Scheffler received her B.S. in technical writing at Carnegie Mellon University as well as two technical degrees. She worked for AT&T in techinal writing and then switched to information echonology, becoming an executive in 1989. In 1998 she took early retirement and started her career in creative nonfiction. She is the editor and author of one of the essays in a collection of nine essays that women employees of AT&T/Lucent Technologies wrote about their careers during the Feminist Movement and Information Revolution. Beyond the Corner Office—Essays by Nine Women published by AuthorHouse in early 2004, received an award from the Florida writer's Association, became the featured book of the month on boomerwomenspeak.com, and is now available on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com. Her essays have been published in the Summit Observer in New Jersey , the Rangeley Highlander in Maine ,Penwomanship Magazine , on BoomerCafe.com and in AT&T in-house and IEEE technical publications. She is not working on a memoir of four incredible years of her life with the working title My Magic Mountain —Making the Most of a Second Home.

  1. Wine
  2. Half decaf, half-caffeine, very strong, with enough milk to make it warm brown
  3. An execute at AT&T and Lucent technologies
  4. My mother
  5. Dangerous Liaisons
  6. To provide for needy children
  7. My mother gave me my first copy of Best Loved Poems of the American People . One day I made the mistake of complaining that I couldn't find my book and my husband bought me a second copy. In a strange way that book became my worst present. I'm a glutton for romantic words and go around with things floating in my head like “brave Alice and laughing Alegra, and Edith with golden hair.”
  8. Intractable

Dan Skiar teach writing at Endicott College where he tries to get his students to write in a natural and spontaneous way. Some journals he's been published in are Poetry East, Square Lake , Rhino, bowwow, The Village Rambler, Mid-America Poetry Review, Riverwind, Plainsongs,  Atlanta Review,  Barbaric Yawp, and The New York Quarterly.

  1. Red wine
  2. I drink green tea
  3. I was a black jazz drummer the band called when the regular drummer couldn't make it.
  4. My two sons and the movie The Bicycle Thief
  5. I can always find something good in a movie even if it's just the horses or a dog.
  6. Paint brushes
  7. A set of plates with rainbow trout gasping for life
  8. Sky


A long time resident of Vermont and Professor of English at Castleton College, Joyce Thomas is the author of one collection of poetry, Skins (Fifthian Press 2001), and one nonfiction work, Inside the Wolf's Belly: Aspects of the Fairy Tale (Sheffield Academic Press, England, 1989). Her poetry has appeared in various small press publications and anthologies, including the most recent The Poets' Grimm: 20 th Century Poems from Grimm Fairy Tales , ed. Jeanne Marie Beaumont and Claudia Carlson (Story Line Press, 2003).

  1. Grade B horror flicks
  2. Disguised as tea
  3. A French Resistance fighter in WWII
  4. Shakespeare, for love of language, characterization, and sustaining vision
  5. No answer
  6. York Peppermint Patties, a good dog bone
  7. A tin of smoked snails
  8. Moth (among some 1000 others)


Don Waters' stories can be read in Zyzzyva Fiction International Grain, Night Train and Southwest Review, where he was awarded the 2005 McGinnis-Ritchie Award for Fiction. Most recently, he producedDENNIS , a collaborative concept album featuring the work of writer Dennis Cooper, visual artist Amy Sarkisian and fourteen bands and musicians. He lives in Oakland , Calif.

  1. Horror movies
  2. Lots of cream, a little sugar
  3. Thomas Chatterton
  4. Every book by Don Delillo
  5. Forrest Gump
  6. M+M's
  7. Anything with a Christmas theme with my name it.
  8. Sex


Anne Harding Woodworth 's poetry has been published in many journals including Painted Bride Quarterly, Cimarron Review, Potomac Review, Antietam Review, and is forthcoming in Tiferet and the Canadian journal, The Antigonish Review . Her work appears at several sites online. She is the author of three published books of poetry, and her essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post , and in various anthologies. She has an MFA in poetry from Fairleigh Dickinson University , where she received the Director's Award. She is a member of the Folger Shakespeare Library's Poetry Board, Washington , D.C.

  1. Occasional lapses into political incorrectness
  2. Black unless it's at a Jilly-Lub or on an airplane
  3. Perhaps a gnat, but would prefer to have been Sister Clare
  4. Fred
  5. Conan the Barbarian
  6. Small packet of gummi bears
  7. It Takes A Village
  8. Rural

    Huang Xiang is one of the greatest poets of 20th century China and a master calligrapher. He has been described as “a poet on fire, a human torch who burns as a lamp of freedom and enlightenment.” Mr. Huang, born in 1941, was frequently imprisoned and tortured for his lyrical, free-spirited poetry and advocacy of human rights in China . He and his wife Zhang Ling, also a writer live in the U.S now. Their story has been featured in the PBS documentary
    “A Well-Founded Fear”, and WQED documentary “ City of Asylum : An OnQ Special Edition”. 

    1. n/a
    2. I like to take my coffee with my beloved.
    3. n/a
    4. n/a 
    5. Dong Fang Hong (The Sun Rises in the East) IT was made during the Cultrual Revolution of China.
    6. A cup of hot tea
    7. Don't know aobut worst, but the best gift I ever received was my first anthology in English.
    8. Dream