? SLAB | Sound & Literary Art Book

Issue 1


Daniel M. Gallick

What A Loving Man Thought of Matters

My girl told me I owned
Some Zen-like jests. I
Said to cram it in a kind
Way. She laughed and left
Me for another man, one
Who understood looks but
Was not looking. I

Cried for a millisecond.
Then laughed about my new
Girl. A grocery store
Stocker from New Jersey
Who never ate a thing
Other than the wind. Her
Name Windy. Immediately,

She kissed my whatever. I
Smiled. Then she kissed
It again. This time I did
Not smile. Asked her to
Leave for a coast. She
Promptly left for Michigan .
I asked both girls what

Was the matter. Zen-girl
Said nothing except I don't
Know. The Heinens' model
Said, I know who you were,
Not who you are. I lifted
My skirt, peered, then said
I want to be Michigan.