? SLAB | Sound & Literary Art Book

Issue 2


Antonio Sacre

I Need a Poem

I need a poem tonight
I need a poem right now
to hold my elbow and run its fingers through my hair
to quiet this
I need a poem whispered right here in my ear,
chin on my shoulder, breath hot on my skin,
sexy slow and sweet
I need a poem, sliding down my throat,
silky smooth and sensual,
filling my belly from down deep
I need a poem,
dancing in my eyes,
chasing light to optic nerve to the very center of my brain
I need a poem, kicking my ass,
one foot after another,
moving me out of this room into the world
I need a poem, stinking up my nose,
rotting like death that brings new life.
I need a poem spreading wide and taking me in,
making me forget where I am and reminding me
why I even bother
I need a poem