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Issue 6

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Issue 6

Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest Winners:


We All Want Out of This Play
Laurel Bastian

Runner-Up Contestants,

A Father of Young Boys Loses His Father
Robert Watson

Cities Lit By the Waning Moon
Matthew McBride


Heather Palmer

Animals with Expression
Richard Chiem

What Matters is Not What I Do
Chin-Sun Lee

Life Coaching
Nathan Leslie

What You Want
Tom Williams

Meredith Sue Willis

Mr. Schnell Feels Red
Marc Schuster

The Salon
Richard Holinger

If Things Hold Up
Debra Nicholson

In John Cravens

Bill U’Ren


In His Corn Fields Starving
Thomas Levy

In High School We Tried To Grow Corn and Felt Like Failures
Thomas Levy

Auditory and Visual Hallucinations Are Sing-Along Songs For When You Are At Your Most Catatonic
Brett Gallagher

*08.18.07—Philadelphia Folk Festival
Paul Siegell

*05.02.09—The Dead
Paul Siegell

Making Beds
Karla Linn Merrifield

Eastern Villages
Adam Moorad

Day Out at Deception- Falls
James Valvis

American Ganges
Kasey Perkins

George Higgins

What Nationality Are You
George Higgins

A Haiku and the Orchestral
Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé

Sandra’s Backyard in Brooklyn
John Repp

Sally Derringer

The Waiting Room
Meredith Hasemann-Cortes

Henry Grimes
Derek Pollard

Joanne Lowery

Trimming Cabbage
Kelly Talbot

John Buckley

Bert Barry

For the Daughters of Chernobyl
Rebecca Leah Papucaru

The Belles of St. Mary’s
G.F. Edwards

I Have This Theory That I Hate
Sara Hancharik

A Proposition
Philip Wexler

Creative Nonfiction

Tree Eaters
Aaron Bigler Lefebvre

Ah, Venice, Again
Kurt Caswell