? SLAB | Sound & Literary Art Book

Issue 8

Contest Winners

Kristen Orser

(Bodying Forth


Even with this memory, there is a fixed distance.

The length of the body
and the longitude between
us undress.

Do you want to stay?

In the house with the tea kettle and the warning ghost
Or the drama of origin—

root in.

The catalogue of things:
The human figure becomes a dishcloth—the archtypical
antihero. He is the last one indoors for
supper, the first one to see the clouds separate

into a September. If it weren’t for the month, the character
would ride his bike less often and we
wouldn’t know his mother died in August.

I know a good idea,
but it depends on snow.
not bulb. I was
thinking bulb.

This had more weight, more tiny nothingness.