? SLAB | Sound & Literary Art Book

Issue 8


Zan Bockes

The Remote

This world is just small enough to be guided by a hand-held
device. Be careful—any particular button could destroy the
earth, a fact we foolishly dismiss as our fingers dance over
the numbers and the stories flash on the screen. The scenes
change from fire to ice, from love to murder, from rage to
sleepy children playing with dead animals. The remote never
lies—its power surmounts that of the box that contains it.
Change the channel—the movie you are spinning out is not
worth its plastic case. That is what you will discover—that the
animated bits of information eclipse themselves with the lack
of their importance, and it is truly and subtly dangerous to assume
otherwise. Watch your fingers! Don’t let go of the little
machine! Someone is watching you watch TV and gathering
information as to your most deeply held mundane beliefs.