? SLAB | Sound & Literary Art Book

Issue 9


Sherry Steiner

Etienne (#15)

A croissant. Seldom 75 miles from home Etienne consumed enough
for a village. John Smith had none in 1614. Isolated wilderness,
public telephones, insect repellant.
A long shot in a limited time frame of nightmares 3 in the
afternoon. Labeled baggage followed Pierre from 42nd Street
and Broadway to the tip of the boot. And so it goes.
It rained most of the way while umbrellas pursed their
lips every fourth step and at every intersection. And there
were many. Let them pass he would say of the oncoming vehicles
as he zoomed in a vertical pan with his imaginary camera. It
seems lately he was imagining everything while no one was
Imagining him.
Trail directions were of no use in this particular situation
but if you plan to hike then take Etienne. He usually knows
the way up hill and down dale. That is, if he is not working
on his so-called documentary which he began in 1959. Some say
it was 1895. Oh well.
Devoted to images and the love me, love me not syndrome his
attitude of the day could be questionable so take caution. In
the editing room brutal specimens of the week’s work piles up
past Pierre’s nose thereby drowning him in celluloid as he
watches Etienne do his cut, splice and toss routine.